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This has been my philosophy not only with blogs, but also with all social networks. I find that the sharing isn’t reciprocated often on Facebook, but is on Twitter and Google+. You just have to keep hoping someone will appreciate your sharing of their content enough for them to want to share your content as well.

Chief of the least

If you look directly above this post (about an inch) you will notice a “Holler at Me!” tab right below the banner photo. Sometimes I’ll get inquiries from site visitors about a wide array of issues.  Usually I’ll answer them briefly and personally over email. But if the same question is asked by different sources I decide to write a post about it.

In sum, this is one persistent question I’ve been asked the past couple months:

I’m new to blogging, what’s the best way to grow readership and reach as many people as possible with my message?

A little historical context.

By relative standards, I’m new to blogging too. My very first post for “Chief of the Least” was October 22, 2010. I shared the blog’s inception with a few good friends and tried to update it with a semi thought-provoking post at least twice a week. I’d share…

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